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Mohamed Amer, MCCN, RN II, Receives Top Nursing Honor - the DAISY Award

May 13, 2019 | St. Francis News

St. Francis Medical Center’s National Nurses Week celebration culminated with the presentation of the nursing profession’s top honor, The DAISY Award, to Mohamed Amer, MCCN, RN II.

Mohamed, fondly known as Mo, has touched so many in such a positive way throughout the hospital that words cannot express fully what he means to the patients and staff of St. Francis.

Mo started at the hospital in 2015.  Although he arrived with minimum critical care experience, he began his training and critical care skills development in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  It soon became apparent that Mo was an exceptional nurse.  He not only grew in clinical expertise in his area, but he also was supportive of his coworkers and proved to be both kind and compassionate with patients and staff members alike. There is not a unit within the hospital that has not been touched by Mo’s unique persona.

The only way to convey what an exceptional nurse Mo Amer is, is to highlight a few of the many personal experiences that staff have shared with the DAISY Award Committee through Mo’s multiple nominations.


In the ICU his coworkers never worry that the care of our critical patients will be delayed or compromised in any way.  Mo attends to his critical care patients and those of his team with a calming demeanor that is always compassionate and caring.  When working in critical situations, Mo always demonstrates the importance of shared values with his team members and colleagues.

As MCCN (Mobile Critical Care Nurse)

When Mo serves as an MCCN, he partners well with leaders on each floor, checking in at their office with a smile on his face, ready to face the day.  He works with numerous RNs, making rounds on the units and addressing everyone’s concerns, talking to the nurses to identify if there are any high-risk patients, building trust, and helping others develop skills that advance quality and patient safety.

Mo has recognized critical situations and expedited processes that have saved patient’s lives.  He now serves on a team that helps to develop protocols and education for perinatal nurses.

With our Patients

Mo’s compassion for his patients must also be recognized.  In the Emergency Department, Mo’s care and kindness was witnessed when he held an elderly patient’s hand throughout a number of procedures, reassuring her and never leaving her side.  Staff said that this was one of the most selfless, beautiful moments they had ever witnessed.

Mo exudes as much a true love for nursing and his patients as for his coworkers -- and everyone he touches extols the highest praise for him.

Mo upholds the values of the hospital and demonstrates the standards of a DAISY award winner every day.  Mo exemplifies the St. Francis mission, “Our mission is you.

Congratulations, Mo, on this well-deserved honor.

Mohamed Amer, MCCN, RN II, Receives Top Nursing Honor - the DAISY Award