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Living Well, Healthy Future Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Mar 29, 2019 | St. Francis News

Taking a novel approach to wellness, the Living Well, Healthy Future program at St. Francis Medical Center (SFMC) launches with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 4, 2019.  The event kicks off at St. Francis located at 3630 E. Imperial Highway in Lynwood beginning at 10:30 a.m. This follows an initial enrollment event held in January when the program was introduced to the community.

The Living Well, Healthy Future program is a collaborative partnership between SFMC, USC Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and Rancho Los Amigos/USC California Alzheimer’s Disease Center. This program takes an innovative approach to promoting wellness by focusing on physical health as well as emphasizing brain health as a key factor to overall well-being.  The program consists of interactive educational sessions that address ways to improve and preserve brain health through lifestyle changes and choices that can be undertaken at every age.  It also provides tools and resources for individuals who are caring for a family member with conditions affecting the brain, including Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and other age or disease-related dementias.

Brain-related disorders such as dementia often affect the elderly, therefore, our program targets seniors.  However, we also encourage family members to participate since, in our community, they are often the caregivers for aging parents, grandparents and other relatives,
said Gilda Acosta Gonzalez, Director of Healthy Community Initiatives at St. Francis Medical Center.

A principal organizer of the program, Acosta Gonzalez continued,

It is important for family members to understand how to support the brain health of their loved one, as well as how to maintain their own brain health at the earliest age possible.

Many local elected officials have expressed their support for the Living Well, Healthy Future program, including Lynwood Mayor Jose Luis Solache, Huntington Park Mayor Jhonny Pineda, South Gate Mayor Maria Belen-Bernal and Field Representative Adrian Landa representing California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon.  They are invited to the launch and to join the large group of community members already enrolled in the program who will be on hand to celebrate the kick-off and participate in the educational session that immediately follows the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The April 4 session will be led by renowned experts in the field of brain health, including Helena Chui, MD, chair of the Department of Neurology at USC, and Nerses Sanossian, MD, associate professor of Neurology and stroke specialist at USC.  The presenters will explore strategies for preventing stroke and protecting the brain, life style choices and other factors that impact physical, mental and emotional health, and programs and resources for those affected by brain-related conditions and their caregivers.

According to program partner Tara Rose, PhD, USC Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, the collaboration between St. Francis, USC and Rancho Los Amigos provides the local community with information about brain health and its relationship to physical and emotional health, based on extensive research, treatment, rehabilitation and care of patients. 

Rose noted,

The unique insights gained by each of the partner organizations have been integrated and will be shared with Living Well, Healthy Future participants over the course of the program.  By offering information in clear and meaningful ways that everyone can understand, individuals will be well equipped with action steps to move toward improving their health, wellness, and quality of life.

The message that the program partners hope will resonate with participants is that it is equally important to maintain the body, the spirit and the brain. Summing up the program goal, Acosta Gonzalez said,

Through this program we hope to reach out together to residents throughout the South LA region to provide them with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to be the drivers of the best possible personal health and well-being they can achieve for themselves and their families.

Living Well, Healthy Future is free to the community and is offered in English and Spanish.  To enroll, please contact Gilda Acosta Gonzalez at (310) 900-7338 or

Living Well, Healthy Future Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony