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Three Outstanding St. Francis Nurses Receive Prestigious DAISY Team Award

Dec 31, 2018 | St. Francis News, Featured Employees

St. Francis Medical Center was proud to present its very first DAISY Team Award to three nurses on two floors who helped to reunite onegrateful patient with his family. Here is why these exceptional RNs were honored.

Mr. C. was admitted to the 6th-floor Telemetry Unit on Sept. 14, 2018. The Emergency Department did not know how the patient arrived to the hospital. All that staff could tell was that he was confused and could only communicate that he had not slept in four days. He had no family members with him. He appeared to be homeless.

Mr. C. was assigned to Nelly Franco-Lara, RN, on the 6th floor. She was accustomed to caring for homeless patients and went ahead with completing her assessment. Nelly took the time to talk with Mr. C. and made a connection with him. In so doing, she discovered that he was not altered or confused at all. He was actually speaking another language mixed with English and a thick accent. Through further questioning, she learned that he was from Nigeria.

Nelly remembered that a coworker on the 7th floor, Nicole Comfort, RN, was also from Nigeria. She hoped Nicole would be able to speak to him in his native language and get further information to help this man. In spite of her own work load, Nicole readily came down to assist. Although Nicole was only able to minimally converse with Mr. C., it was enough for her to learn the name of the village he was from. Now it was Nicole’s turn to think of yet another colleague who could help. She remembered that Uzoamaka (Amaka) Enewally, RN, on her unit was either from or familiar with this village.

Amaka also had a full schedule but just as quickly responded to help. Once Amaka started speaking with the patient, something clicked. Just that week, her church had been praying for a missing relative of some congregants. They had been expecting a relative from Nigeria the week prior, but he was not at the airport as scheduled, and there had been no word from him since. Upon calling family in Nigeria, they were informed that their relative had left the village as planned. Everyone was worried and feared he was dead.

Through ongoing dialog, Amaka confirmed that Mr. C. was the missing relative! With an outpouring of relief, Mr. C. explained to Amaka that there had been a problem with his original flight, so he had been placed on another. He was unable to notify his relatives because during his travels his belongings were stolen, including his suitcase, money, and ID. Not fluent in English, Mr. C. could not communicate with anyone at the airport. He felt completely lost and alone. He ended up wandering around LA for a week until he arrived at St. Francis.

Once identified, Nelly, Nicole, and Amaka were able to connect with his family in Southern California as well as with relatives in New Jersey to let them know that Mr. C. was safe here at St. Francis. Mr. C. was discharged the next day to very grateful family and friends in LA, who have since provided updates that Mr. C. is doing well.

A bond was made among patient, family members, and hospital staff because of three caring nurses. Their shared empathy inspired an authentic response to Mr. C.’s needs, and without them knowing, they touched lives from LA to New Jersey to Nigeria.

We are proud to recognize Nelly, Nicole, and Amaka for their exceptional care, sensitivity, and insight, and for their outstanding teamwork to provide the very best treatment and service for this patient and his family. We are proud to name all of them as our DAISY Team Award honorees.

Three Outstanding St. Francis Nurses Receive Prestigious DAISY Team Award