Heart Center

The Heart Center at St. Francis Medical Center brings together today’s state-of-the-art technology with the most highly skilled cardiac specialists to provide vital preventive and life-saving care to our community. Our Centeroffers a full range of heart care capabilities and is supported by a talented team of cardiologists, cardiovascular andendovascular surgeons, specialty-trained nurses and technologists who are committed to providing you with the most advanced treatment available in an environment that supports healing and a positive personal experience for you and your loved ones.

Our Heart Center services include:

Designated STEMI Receiving Center – A STEMI, or “ST elevation myocardial infarction,” is a type of heart attack requiring Catheterization Lab intervention. With this elevated level of care, our Heart Center provides immediate response and treatment for patients undergoing a STEMI.

Non-invasive Cardiovascular Procedures– Technology has significantly improved imaging capabilities available for diagnosing and treating heart and vascular conditions. The Center utilizes the most advanced MRI and CT technology to enhance non-invasive angiography procedures.

Invasive Cardiovascular Surgery – The work of our highly skilled cardiovascular surgeons is enhanced by the added technology of endovascular medicine modalities to our Heart Center’s scope of services.

Endovascular Medicine – By expanding our services to include Endovascular Medicine and the treatment of vascular system diseases, we have highly effective, less invasive services available to our community. Diagnostic cauterizations, angioplasty, stenting and traditional surgical interventions are available.

Open Heart Surgery – For those times when open heart surgery may be necessary, our experienced heart surgeons and cardiac care team work closely with you so you will know what to expect before, during, and after surgery and throughout your healing process.

Drug-eluting Stents – Both cardiology and endovascular patients will benefit from the newest technology of Drugeluting Stents. These stents are coated with drugs that prevent the formation of subsequent blockages, thus reducing the incidence of future interventional procedures and dramatically improving the outcomes of our patients.

Automatic Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators (AICD) – While traditional pacemakers regulate a cardiac patient’s heart rate, the AICD automatically shocks the heart in the event of a sudden heart failure. This stunning technology offers new hope for cardiac patients who are at high risk for subsequent heart attacks.

Pacemaker Clinic – A new onsite pacemaker clinic is an important aspect of our Heart Center, providing patients whose lives depend on the functioning of pacemakers and AICDs with the monitoring, replacement

St. Francis Medical Center is committed to improving the heart health of our community. If you have any questions about our services or would like information about a test or procedure, please call the Heart Center at 310-900-2715.

Visit the American Heart Association website for more information on heart disease.